Album Review: Babel


Mumford and Sons - BabelMumford and Sons’ second studio album, Babel, climbed to number one on the Billboard chart after its release in the US September 25, 2012. The band sold 600,000 copies in the first week, but only 169,000 in the second, dropping 72%.

Mumford and Sons is a newly popular band coming from the UK. Their sound is in the folk/rock genre and is very pleasing to the ear.

The band consists of four members: Marcus Mumford (songwriter, lead vocals, drums, mandolin), Ben Lovett (keyboards, accordion, drums, electric guitar), Country Winston Marshall (banjo, dobro, electric guitar), and Ted Dwane (double bass, bass guitar, drums, guitar). They are a very lovable and humble group of friends.

The band has been very successful since their debut album Sigh No More. They also won the ARIA Music Award for most popular international artist. On their Sigh No More tour, they actually played the two songs “Below My Feet” and “Broken Crown” but did not record them until Babel. They released their first single “I Will Wait” off the album on August 8, 2012.

All the songs on Babel are amazing. My personal favorites are “Holland Road,” “Broken Crown,” “Reminder,” and “Lover of the Light.” It’s interesting that they have two songs beginning with the word “lover” (“Lover of the Light” and “Lover’s Eyes”) back to back. The band actually begins their set at every concert with “Lover of the Light” for its upbeat and lively rhythm.

Mumford and Sons has come so far since their first album. It’s astounding! They are, honestly, my favorite band, and I am so proud of them. If you have not heard them before, I highly recommend checking them out.