Blood Donation


Reid Pitts

Jack Greene helps save a life by donating blood.

By Ashley Merino, Staff Writer

People Who Need Blood

Every two seconds someone in the United States needs blood. Approximately 26,000 units of red blood cells are needed every day. Nearly 21 million people in America are transfused each year. When you donate blood you are giving one pint of blood and that one pint might be all someone needs to survive.

Blood supply

Donating is defined as giving to a good cause, to someone or something. Nearly 6.8 million people donate blood in just one year. People have said that after donating blood it is the best feeling knowing that they did something good.

The Four Step Process

The first part of the donating process is registration, where you register yourself and provide basic information. The second step is the medical history; the nurses do a “background check” of your medical history to make sure you are a good candidate to donate. Thirdly, is the mini physical where the nurse will check your weight, check your height and blood pressure. Lastly, is the actual donation and finally refreshments, where you are provided with juice and a snack. They will monitor you closely to make sure that you do not become light-headed.

About the donors.

The number one reason why people donate blood is because they want to help others. About 73% of people say donating blood makes you a new person. Most donors go into the process scared. They’re either scared of the pain they might feel or of the needle. Some let this fear prevent them from giving blood.

Donating blood can help so many people who really need it.