Play Review: This is a Test


Abbey McGee

Shirt design and cast for the play, This is A Test

By Abbey McGee, Staff Writer

This is a test. A what? A test. A what? A test! Oh, a test!

Repeat. This is a Test is a one act play written by Stephen Gregg, which our very own Reading Junior High performed for UIL last week. Earning second, first place won by Leaman Junior High, This is a Test is about a young student’s dream within a dream as they worry and ponder about a test the following day. Everything in the dream is the worst possible outcome; the multiple choice questions make no sense, “Athens” is a true or false question, and the opinion essay is literally in Chinese! The ending implies the character wakes from their slumber, but after that, the rest is up to viewer interpretation.

Reading student Cameron Krouch played the main character, Alan, as he dives deeper into his worry over the test that will inevitably affect his life forever. Krouch did a fantastic job portraying Alan’s inner turmoil, enabling the crowd to feel the anxiety surrounding him as he acted, which the judges seemed to agree on as Krouch won the Best Actor award for his performance.

The antagonistic teacher, Mrs. Williams, was played by Luana Ghandor, who efficiently portrayed the stern and mildly annoyed educator, which the judges rewarded as she won the Best Actress award. The Voice, Alan’s inner monologue and self-depravity, was played skillfully by Ainsley McGee, who captured her role through her booming voice, and managed to stand still throughout the entire 20-30 minute ordeal. Alan’s cunning best friend, Lois, was played by Paige Cartwright, who played her role greatly as a seemingly honest, yet actual cheater, of a student.

The Reading students did an amazing job while playing their characters, and, the dream situations aside, presented a believable and relatable story about a student who merely stressed far too much about their test. Currently, the Reading Advanced Theater group  is working on their multiple act play, Mulan. The high school should continue to show their support to the younger theater group, and be there whenever they can for the Reading students.