Penguin Heartbreak

By Sheridan Smith, Staff Writer

Imagine coming home from a long trip, without your significant other. You feel those little butterflies in your stomach and fuzzy and warm. You start to walk up to your home, and you walk into the door so excited to see them.

Then. You see the one you miss and love with someone else. You’re overcome with anger, sadness, and confusion all at once.

Well, this happened to a penguin. A very sad, lonely, heartbroken penguin.

He came home from migrating to make a new home for his significant other and their children. He was coming off the shore line, and he found his wife with another Penguin man. He started to vigorously attack the new man with his flippers and beak.

Penguins are one of the only bird species that aren’t able to fly because of their bone structure. Most birds have hollow bones in their wings, while the penguin has solid bones in their wings.

After they started to draw blood, they called for the female to choose which one is her man. She chose the homewrecker, and the brokenhearted penguin called out in sorrow.

The new couple went back to their burrow, but the penguin hasn’t given up yet. He follows them back home, and he sticks his beak in the burrow to call for another dual. This time, there are no limits.

He pulls the homewrecker out of his burrow, and he starts to gauge his opponents eyes out. They both start to attack each other again, but with more force and aggression.

The homewrecker wins, and once again, is chosen by the lady penguin. They go back into their home, leaving the poor penguin alone and cold.