Pitch Perfect: The Next ‘Mean Girls’


Pitch Perfect was absolutely GORGEOUS.

Even though I have been told I’m awful at judging movies (I find all movies good), I thought it was the greatest thing in comedy since Bridesmaids and Easy A.

Junior Onood Ghayur thought it was inspiring. “Some girls can be insecure about their weight and are afraid to get out of their comfort zone and do something unique. Fat Amy gives us a good example of how everyone can enjoy life no matter what their appearance may be. It was a great movie!”

Like the infamous 2004 classic chick-flick, “[Pitch Perfect] can be the next Mean Girls because it’s so quotable,” said Ashley Ng, a junior.

Eleventh grader Rhea Judge believes that it’s comparable to Mean Girls “because it focuses on two aspects of society coming together.”

The resemblance to Mean Girls is shocking. Great characters, good plot, attractive males, and quotes to laugh at ten years from now. Not to mention covers of popular songs. (Beware of mild sexual innuendos, young children.)

The plot follows Beca, a college freshman at Barden University who cares for nothing but music. She acquiescently joins an all-girl acapella group, The Bellas, known for losing competitions to the all-boy rival team, The Treblemakers, and [SPOILER ALERT] helps them win a competition. Come on, you saw it coming.


For me, Pitch Perfect did not disappoint. “There was absolutely nothing bad about it in my opinion; it was FUNNY.” said Ghayur. On the contrary, Judge thought the end was “bad.” Agreeing, Ng believed the “climax was lame. When Beca and what’s his face [Jesse] were mad at each other, [she] felt nothing.” [You probably saw that coming, too.]

Connie Do, a senior, said, “The ending could’ve been more epic and the structure could have been more developed, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.”

Other than the predictable ending, Pitch Perfect is worth seeing. Fat Amy, played by Rebel Wilson, was a unanimous favorite of Ng, Judge, and Ghayur. Out of all the characters, they would want to be her. Judge said “Everything Fat Amy said was a good quote.” “I’d honestly be Beca. She’s pretty cool and I love her sarcasm,” thought Do.

“I sometimes have a feeling I can [work cargo pants], but then I think ‘Mmm, better not” and “I ate my twin in the womb” were favorite quotes of the interviewees. (Sorry for the censorship there!)

Pitch Perfect has already taken the meme world by storm. In honor of its gloriousness, I’ve put together this collaboration of students’ “interpretation” of Horizontal Running.



For all you experienced Pitch Perfect watchers, check out this video (courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes) and enjoy reminiscing. SPOILER ALERT! If you hadn’t seen the movie, SHIELD YOUR EYES, go see the movie, and come back and click the link. Basically all the good quotes are in this preview.

This movie stars Anna Kendrick, Brittney Snow, Anna Camp, Elizabeth Banks, and more. Rated PG 13, Pitch Perfect is now playing in local theatres near you. Check local showtimes at  AMC Theatres or Cinemark.