The Inevitable


By Bobby Luvender, Staff Writer

You’re left helpless, unable to do anything about it, not able to change the course of the future. You observe them slowly distancing themselves from you, watching as you lose your grip on them, watching your reality slowly transform into a memory. They slip through your hands, mirroring the action of sand being sifted through your fingertips. An emptiness presents itself deep within you, an emptiness that has no remedy, an incurable impression. It’s a black hole that devours any and all happiness.

The worst part is, there isn’t a route you can take, an alter in your state of mind, or any decision that can shield you from the depressing, dark, and heart chilling sensations the grim empty abyss you maintain internally imposes upon you. The only rather feasible option is to fight the cynical feelings, attempt at drowning out the sorrow with an alternative object, being, or substance. You overwhelm yourself to ease the pain, you turn your focus away from the torment  and suffering and do all you can to become oblivious to it. You place yourself in front of the light and block out the shadows that fall behind you. The unfortunate thing about the darkness is that it won’t stand for being cut out, it will not take your attempt at happiness into consideration. It’s main and sole purpose is to destroy you, to corrupt and decay all happiness you have stowed away.

The shadow is persistent, stopping at no cost to bring you down, to submerge you into a pool of depression. It’s constantly tapping at your shoulder, lurking behind you waiting for any opportunity to make an appearance. That opportunity it’s searching for is only inevitable, no matter how much you try, how much effort you put into attempting to be completely happy. Everyone has a weakness, one small stimuli that triggers an eruption of emotion, the darkness rips you around and exposes you to the shadows that now lie beyond your gaze. You experience a complete turn of events, you are now so overwhelmed with the horrific thoughts, you become oblivious to the happiness you obtain. You lay restless at night as the damaging notions course through your mind. You’ve been submerged into an excessive abundance of darkness, you can’t tell whether you’re laying there with your eyes agape or sealed, all you know is you’re covered in darkness with no light, no happiness, you’re left with nothing.