Galaxy S8 rumors


The logo for the Galaxy line of Samsung phones.

By Kyler Telge, Staff Writer

Samsung’s Galaxy line of phones is set up to get it’s annual smartphone release; the s8. While official specs for the phone haven’t been released there are plenty of rumors surrounding the phone that hold little to no ground in released facts.

As with any new tech product, consumers should use caution when reading up on the latest “facts” posted by news sources other than the developers, or company, themselves. There are many articles out there discussing the possibilities of a 4k resolution screen (not viable in current market), or the lack of a 3.5mm jack that has been standard to technology involving audio for the past couple of decades.

Samsung may attempt to save their name with the s8 and bury the note 7 in a very deep grave so they never have to look back at that mistake.

While price may not matter to most who just add the contractual bill to their monthly phone expenses, some people who prefer buying unlocked phones outright shouldn’t be surprised to see a hefty price tag.