Howdie Jiwon Park!


By Kimberly Macdeo, Staff Writer

Jiwon Park is a foreign exchange students from South Korea who came to George Ranch to see if education in America is any different from his school in South Korea.

The Wrangler: When did you arrive in Texas?

Park: I arrived in Texas in January.

The Wrangler: What do you miss most about your home town?

Park: I miss my family and friends the most, and I miss Korean food.

The Wrangler: What is one thing you learned here that you will take with you to South Korea?

Park: I learned many things here, like how to make friends.

The Wrangler: How has your experience in GR been?

Park: [The] experiences that I had in GR was good. I had a great time with teachers and friends.

The Wrangler: What will you miss most about being in Texas?

Park: I will miss [the] memories I made with my friends and in GR.

The Wrangler: How is South Korea different from The United states?

Park: In Korea, everything is close to each other so we can go anywhere whenever we want, and the people in Korea are kinda shy compared to the people here.

The Wrangler: What is one thing you dislike about your stay here in Texas?

Park:Everything is too far from each other, and the weather.

The Wrangler: How is education different in Texas than South Korea?

Park: In GR the education is more free than in Korea. In the U.S. the process is more important than the conclusion.

The Wrangler: How are the people different in Texas than South Korea?

Park: In Korea, most of them are Asians.

The Wrangler: How are you planning on keeping touch with friends you’ve made in america?

Park: I made really good friends that I want to be friends with forever. I will try to keep [in] touch with them on Snapchat and Skype. I will visit Texas again to see my friends, also, they are welcome to visit Korea (The South).