My thoughts on the internet…


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By Kyler Telge, Staff Writer

The Internet is as alive as you or I if you look at it in terms of activity. Absolutely teeming with data of all sorts it is exponentially becoming more and more a major part of our lives. Seeing as the Internet evolves throughout the years many issues will become political, quickly, which may require the insight of people all over the world.

In a perfect scenario let’s say that the Internet is accessible by everyone. Absolutely anyone and everyone can look up what the weather in Topeka, Kansas next Tuesday will be, like if they wanted to. Who is to say that the government will not censor what their citizens see on the internet? The Chinese government regulates what is visible to its citizens through the “Golden Shield” which is a part of the “Great Firewall of China”. Sites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter are all blocked due to possible threats to the interests of the governing parties.

This isn’t the only case of censorship; countries like Russia also censor material on the web. Even the UK, recently decided it would censor material it found unconventional or useless on the Internet and thought blocking it must be the best method of never seeing it or having anyone look at it again.

The United States is pretty loose in terms of internet regulations (compared to some countries). But, there is time to think about the future of the Internet and the possible screw-ups our government could cause us as consumers. Data capping home internet at a terabyte per month like Comcast recently implemented is one example of regulation. The FCC’s “Open Internet” policy, signed in June of 2015, keeps the Internet a fair playing ground with net neutrality as many may know it by. Stating that broadband providers cannot give preferential treatment to companies for faster speeds on their website or slower speeds on a competitors. Although that is a very specific case of Open Internet there have already been loopholes to sway the public in hopes that they won’t notice how they are being deceived.

The Internet is wonderful in so many ways that it will truly be a tragedy to see such a big utility become regulated by a small number of companies or the government seeking control.