Growing up


Md saad andalib

Graduation Day among a group of, now, doctors

By Laisha Cruz, Writer

It’s like it was yesterday. I was a little girl running around the playground, feeling the breeze on my face, and being mesmerized by toys and the alphabet.
The most I worried about was placing number one in The Spelling Bee or nervously holding hands with my second grade boyfriend. I even remember getting so excited about coming home from school to see my mom.

As we grow older the worries become bigger.
The worries are more about looking presentable for your first job interview, taking your drivers’ license test, or sending an application to your dream college.

Do you just wonder where all these years went? Why did I grow up so fast and not enjoy life more? I wish I would’ve tried to enjoy growing up more. Now,  I’m about to graduate and go out to the real world and start my own life. It’s a bittersweet thought. There is so much more I wanted to do.

Take my life as a cautionary tale. Enjoy life as much as you can while you’re young. Go out. Go on adventures with your friends. Try new foods and do things out of your comfort zone. Live so that when you’re old and look back on your life, you have no regrets.

Don’t forget to show your parents appreciation for all they have done for you. Thank them for being part of your life; because, without them, you would not be who you are today.