La La Land

By Laisha Cruz, Staff Writer

If you are a sucker for romantic/musical movies La La Land will be the movie for you.  Mia, an aspiring actress (Emma Stone), and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling), a Jazz musician, are trying to find success in Los Angeles in their separate ways, not knowing that love will bring them together. This movie has won a few of awards such as the Golden Globe Award for the best motion picture, best actress (Emma Stone), Best actor (Ryan Gosling).

The movie starts off in LA traffic with a women singing because there is nothing else to do but to sing, right? Then boom, there is  a crazy amount of people with bright smiles, colorful shirts, pants and dresses who just start singing with joy. At the end of this scene Mia and Sebastian meet and not in a pleasant way. Mia wouldn’t move and Sebastian honked at her and she became pretty upset and gave him the finger because he was rushing her to move . What they both didn’t know is that soon they will meet again.
Mia is working on being an actress and isn’t becoming successful in the way she wants it to be.  She feels like she isn’t good enough for the spotlight. Sebastian is a jazz player that can barely pay rent. One beautiful normal LA night, Mia’s on her way home walks by this door and she hears this beautiful piano playing, so she’s intrigued by the sound of the music to see who it is.  To her  surprise it was Sebastian, the guy she flicked off in traffic. Mia goes up to him and tells him how beautiful his playing is and he totally avoids her and  blows her off. Time passes, they meet again,  and its like love wanted them together. They end up dating and totally fall in love each other. Their love isn’t without complications brought on by his success and struggles.

I’m not going to give out anymore details because this is such a great romantic movie that will give you a bubbly feeling about love and maybe also a few tears . The actors have such a great chemistry that it makes it seem they are totally  in love so I could see why they won so many awards.