Longhorn Nurse


Diamond Butler

Mrs. Patton, Nurse at George Ranch High School

By Diamond Butler, Staff Writer

Many people tend to over look that one person that sacrifices their life and time to help individuals not only around the world, but also in the smaller places like their homes and schools.

Vivian Patton, the nurse at George Ranch High School, is a woman who didn’t go to nursing school right away because of  various responsibilities, but later on in her life, she returned back to her dream and is continuing that today.

“When I graduated high school, I took a few nursing classes and realized I wasn’t ready for nursing. I then got married, had a baby and returned to nursing five years later”.

Mrs. Patton had nursing as her goal and was very much influenced by others in the choosing of a career. People she knew talked to her about nursing and got her interested in doing it. Her high school boyfriend  has been very supportive of  her job and she gives all the thanks to him.

“My high school boyfriend (now my husband) was interested in the medical field. He made it interesting for me. He talked me into joining HOSA in high school and then start working in the hospital”.

She interviewed with the administration of George Ranch High School and spoke to them about her nursing experience and was hired within days.

“I interviewed twice with Dr. Black, then with Mrs. Haack. I had a variety of nursing experience with most of those years in the ER.”

The years she has worked and the sacrifice of days she has been  away from her family got her to where she is now.

It takes patience and care and maybe even love to deal with high school students. The fact that no matter what attitude that comes her way, she is still willing to do whatever it takes to not only keep her job, but to make sure that her patients are very well taken care of.

Patton wants “to provide emergency care for the ill or injured. To ensure that each student is provided with the opportunity to reach maximum mental, physical and emotional potential with emphasis placed on the relationship of a students health to successful living and learning.”

Her commitment to her patients is what makes Patton a successful nurse.