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Broken heart

By Ashley Merino, Staff Writer

How to be Single is a 2016 American comedy romantic film directed by Christian Ditter. The main characters that star in this movie are Alice Kepley (Dakota Johnson), Robin (Rebel Wilson). Meg Kepley (Leslie Mann), Tom (Anders Holm), and Josh (Nicholas Braun). How to be Single was released on February of 2016.

Four women with different perspectives about love and relationships live the single life in New York City. Alice (Dakota Johnson), takes a break from her long term boyfriend Josh (Nicholas Braun) to discover new things about herself with her new drinking friend Robin (Rebel Wilson). Alice sister Meg (Leslie Mann), that’s all about her career struggles with the idea of settling down, and Lucy (Alison Brie), tries to hard to find her perfect match.

The movie takes place in New York City during Christmas and New Years. The characters are either in night clubs and walking around the city. The music is primarily party music, which fits the genre of the movie.How to be Single is a great movie to sit down with your girlfriends and eat junk food as you watch. In my opinion I think every girl should take the time and watch this movie because the movie gives great advice of how to have a relationship and what to look out for in having a relationship.