National days of the Week 2/6 – 2/10

By Amanda Martin, Staff Writer

There is a national day each and every day of the year. Here are the national days for this week.

Monday: National Frozen Yogurt Day

Frozen Yogurt is the healthier form of ice cream and the sales are increasing annually. In the United States, this product was first developed in 1970. Frozen yogurt comes in many different flavors including creamy vanilla, chocolate, cherry cheesecake, strawberry, etc.

Tuesday: National Periodic Table Day

The earliest known elements are gold, silver, copper, iron, lead, tin, mercury, sulfur and carbon. There are over 100 elements discovered today. This day was founded on February 7, 2016 with the goal of promoting the challenges that were overcome to develop the modern periodic table.

Wednesday: National Kite Flying Day

This day is celebrated by kite flying enthusiasts across the country. Kites date back to China in 470 B.C. Today kites are popular both as hobbies and outdoor fun.

Thursday: National Pizza Day

Pizza is an all around American favorite. Over three billion pizzas are sold in the United States each year. Americans consume on average 23 pounds of pizza per person each year.

Friday: National Umbrella Day

Umbrellas are one of the World’s most convenient inventions. The word umbrella comes from┬áthe Latin word umbra, meaning shade or shadow. The basic umbrella was created over four thousand years ago.