Why skaters prefer a VX1000 rather than an HD video camera.

By Nickolas Buchanan, Staff writer

A VX1000 is most likely the greatest camera of all time for capturing skateboarding. It came out in 1995 and started a crazy revolution into what I like to call “The Golden Age” of skating. Here are a few reasons why a the Vx is still used today.

First of all, the colors are insane! No camera has the rawness and the crazy pop that this lens has. Although, what else can you expect from a Carl Zeiss lens? To take a step further you can purchase a Mark 1 fisheye for the Vx1000 and that just looks spectacular combined with the lens already built in.

Second, the microphone is so realistic it is very well known to capture every move the skateboards does, every snap, pop, revert, etc. It cannot get better than the that.

An HD camera has great quality, but it doesn’t give you that nostalgic feel of the video. No other camera microphone matches the one on the vx1000 and those two reasons alone are the reason why the Digital Handycam DCR-VX1000 is the best camera in the skate world.