Valentine’s Day never heard of her! using

By Maria Gleason, Staff Writer

Every year on February 14th all the single people are reminded that they aren’t in a relationship. Valentine’s day is just a day to show off that you’re in a relationship. The flowers and chocolate are over priced when this time comes around, which makes it very inconvenient for people that simply want to buy a candy bar or some flowers for their house.

It’s worse for people that just got out of a relationship before Valentines Day, because it reminds people of what they don’t have anymore. I personally don’t like it when people rub their relationship in my face.

You can’t go out to eat at a restaurant because they’re all filled with lovey dovey couples so you can’t go out and get a decent meal. I honesty feel the worst for the people working at these fancy restaurants because some of the employees are reminded of what they don’t have and some don’t get to spend Valentine’s day with their boyfriend or girlfriend.

Some people want to buy flowers to put as a center piece for a table, but to do this they would have to spend more money just because someone wants a center piece. Most people spend so much money on a ridiculous day that makes the price for pretty things go up.

My advice for anyone that is single on Valentine’s Day is to stay home and sit in bed, watch a movie and eat some chocolate. If you have friends that are also single invite them over and have a great night with them.