Howdie Zylas Hunter!

By Jayson Green, Staff Writer

Zylas Hunter is a sophomore at George Ranch. Zylas likes to play football in his free time and wants to play football in the NFL.

Wrangler: How long have you been playing football?

Hunter: I’ve been playing football for 7 years.

Wrangler: What positions do you play?

Hunter: I play safety, corner back and wide receiver.

Wrangler: Why did you decide to play football?

Hunter: I decided to play football because it’s just something that caught my eye when I was younger and it’s pushed me to be better.

Wrangler: Would you trade football for any other sports? Why or why not?

Hunter:  No I wouldn’t. Football literally made me the person I am today.

Wrangler: What makes  a great football player?

Hunter: What makes a good football player is a player that can listen and isn’t selfish towards his teammates.

Wrangler: Do you want to play football in the NFL? and why?

Hunter: Yes I would love to play in the NFL but if I don’t make it I won’t be sad either.

Wrangler: How does it feel to be a part of the football team?

Hunter: It feels great to be part of the team because once you get a bond with your team; it’s like a brotherhood.

Wrangler:  Who is your favorite player in the NFL and why?

Hunter: My favorite player is Odell Beckham Jr because when he was a sophomore in college he broke the record for most touchdowns as a sophomore wide receiver.

Wrangler: What makes you get up and play football?

Hunter: The dedication for success

Wrangler: How long do you practice a day for football?

Hunter: We practice 1 hour 30-2 hours a day

Wrangler: What did you think of the Super Bowl?

Hunter: it was really a good game, but my team wasn’t in it so it wasn’t that important.