Blackbear – Deadroses review.


Blackbear aka Matthew Tyler Musto photo taken from wikimedia

By Kyler Telge, Staff Writer

Blackbear, a producer known for his skill in writing hit songs and singing in them too, has an album called Deadroses that is definitely worth your time. Released February 14, 2015, now two years old, this album contains chill melodies and soul-touching vocals that will quickly make this artist a part of your music library.

Born in Florida and in love with music from a young age he would grow up to help write Justin Bieber’s extremely popular hit “Boyfriend”. Throughout his career he has helped produce and write for other artists. He has been involved with Mike Posner, who he recently joined with to form a duo by the name of Mansionz, and G-Eazy. He has made it known through his music┬áthat he is proud of self-releasing his music under his own label named BearTrap.

Now for the music in DeadRoses, starting off with 4U we get that vibe that we are listening to some happy techno, but Blackbear puts his soul/hip-hop style into almost all of his songs which you quickly hear in the chorus. I Needed You is a song for a rainy day if you are feeling down and just want to think. With a smooth beat, this song is sure to be at the top of your favorite playlist. Ain’t Trippin focuses on vocals and doesn’t stop giving you the story throughout the song. 90210 is a very popular track featuring rapper G-Eazy. One of my favorite tracks of the album is Dirty Laundry, the beat is addicting, the verses in it are amazing, and the chorus is absolutely amazing. Surely it is the highlight of the album as it truly shows BlackBear’s talent for making a rhythm you can move to.

While Deadroses, My Heart is Lost,Idfc, and Ain’t Love are all great tracks I feel Waste Away falls short of that great vibe I get from the rest of the album.

Check out this album and the rest of Blackbear if you want more trap/soul/r&b/hip-hop (I don’t even know how to describe it) he is still putting out new music so you have that to look forward to.