Thrifting over other stores

By Maria Gleason, Staff Writer

Many people have started hopping on the bandwagon of thrifting. Whenever you look through the halls of our school or kids walking around the streets you see more teens wearing old clothing than buying clothing that everyone has from stores that everyone goes to. Oversized tee shirts and mom jeans are what most of the kids that shop at thrift shops are looking for. The clothes are comfortable, original, and they don’t cost much money.

When you look around you’ll see so many people dressing the same, because no one is trying to be creative with their outfits. Going into a thrift store gives someone so many different choices of how a person can dress and how they can fix up a pair of jeans and make then into something unique .

Aly Lopes said, “I thrift because it’s inexpensive, provides unique clothes, book, CD’s, furniture, and because it reuses other peoples belongings, opposed to supporting companies that outsource jobs or by people in unfair working conditions. I choose thrift shops over retail stores because of this reason, and because many thrift stores provide stable local jobs to the community.”

Most clothing stores are so expensive that you can only buy one item and the price will be over fifty dollars. If someone goes thrifting then they can get so many different types of clothing for so little money.

Victoria Romero said, ”I go thrift shopping because I like finding old vintage stuff and seeing how I could modernize them a bit.”

Thrifting has become the new thing. No one has been seen wearing the same thing, because of how people can make the clothes into their style by adding holes of bleach to the fabric.

”Finding an item at a thrift store feels like a one-in-a-million chance and enables me to feel more original, even if I’m dressing on ‘trend’,” Aly Lopez said.

Going through a thrift store is kind of like going through a maze you don’t know which way to go. Once you figure out the art of thrifting you’ll never have to shop at any other store again.