Review of Glasslip

The Glasslip logo which was taken from

By Aamaya Khan, Staff Writer

Glasslip is a 13 episode TV series about a girl and a boy who upon meeting realize they can see the future together. This series was released in 2014 and has received mixed reviews. It is a Japanese anime, but can be seen on many streaming services which are listed at the end of this article.

Toko Fukami has always wanted to take over her family’s glass making business, but upon meeting Kakeru Okikura aka David, her nickname for him due to his good looks which remind her of Michelangelo’s sculpture David, gives her the sounds to the visions she has. Her friend group quickly becomes torn as long secret feelings come to the surface all while Toko and Kakeru try to figure out what their visions are telling them.

The premise is interesting and held the promise of a great sci-fi show with a strong romance. It develops while holding strong to the original idea with a few scenes that could have been flushed out. The main romance never reaches a level that is satisfying for the viewer considering the amount of build-up and drama around it. The ending leaves the characters in the same place as before the story began with little chance of change.

The animation of the show is directly on par with the production company’s usual works. The landscape shots are breathtaking and make great use of imagery. The environment can often feel like it has a symbolic purpose, but there is little meaning to be found in almost all scenes.

If you wish to watch Glasslip and make your own opinion on it, it can be watched on HuluCrunchyroll, and KissAnime online.