Marriage equality legalized in Finland


Benson Kua

Finland is the last Nordic country to allow gay marriage

By Abbey McGee, Staff Writer

As of March 1st, gay marriage and the ability for gay couples to adopt has become legalized in Finland. According to the Local Register Office in western Finland, around 41 couples are expected to be married sometime this week. It’s the final Nordic country to allow same-gender marriage.

The legislation to make marriage equity legal was passed in 2014, with a parliament vote of 101-90 in the laws favor. A petition in February to repeal the law was shot down, resulting ultimately in the law’s fate. Parliament voted 120-48 to uphold the law.

As well as allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry, the law also allows for those couples to adopt children. The bill is a notable triumph in the Finnish fight for marriage and adoption equality. Before the vote in 2014, there were at least three failed bills which attempted to legalize same gender marriage.