Howdie China Owens!

By Diamond Butler, Staff Writer

China Owens is a 11th grader. She’s hard working and does whatever she needs to do in order to get where she needs to be on her journey.

The Wrangler: After graduation what will you be going to college for?

Owens:”Biology, I don’t know why, I’m just interested in it.”

The Wrangler: What made you interested to do this particular thing?

Owens: “I wanted to see more of the cells and learn more about the environment, learn something that was more than what I learn in my Freshman year.”

The Wrangler: Did you have anything else in mind to do after college, and what do you plan to do in order for you to proceed in that direction?

Owens: “Yes, get a job in my field, you know what I went to school for.”

The Wrangler: Do you have anyone you know that has ever pushed you to do and be anything you want?

Owens: “Let me think… mostly my family and myself, my family pushes me.”

The Wrangler: Do you feel as though the goals you have set for yourself will be achieved?

Owens: “I will achieve them , no doubt.”

The Wrangler: What was one thing that you said to yourself that has pushed you to accomplish things in life?

Owens: “I could do all things through Christ that has strengthen me”

The Wrangler: Have you learned the things you need to learn at school in order for your goal to be met ?

Owens: ” Yes… I really don’t know, we learn a lot and it is a lot to keep up with.”

The Wrangler: How do you feel about graduation next year?

Owens: “I’m excited, I’m so ready.”

The Wrangler: Do you plan to enjoy your senior year and do the activities that will be planned?

Owens: ” Some of them, yes, hopefully I can get to all of them.”

The Wrangler: What are you looking forward to do later on in life?

Owens: ” Traveling, I don’t want kids, just want to enjoy life until I later settle down.”