3D Eyes for blind children


In recent discoveries, scientist and engineers have been doing insane 3D printings. One of these include eyes the most recent new artificial eyes called conformers for children. Which been studied on five kids in the Netherlands
This can help kids with conditions such as microphthalmia and anophthalmia who are born with underdeveloped or missing eyes.These conditions, that can occur in one or both eyes, affect more than 10 percent of blind children worldwide. Kids with this type of condition have a malformed eye socket It doesn’t help the child see but it helps the face develop symmetrical.

The advantage of this 3-D printer is that is that they can be replaced often with larger sizes by the parent at home as the child grows, or as frequently as weekly when the child is a few months old.

Normally before this came to be there was a glass eye and it’s made out of acrylic plastic. It is pretty solid replacement for an eye for adults until a permanent eye is made for them. The thing is in younger kids it’s more hazardess due to when their face is changing they can’t change their glass eye. That’s why the 3D printer is useful due to the fact you can make different sizes while a child is growing up at your own home.

These comforters don’t look like eyes they look more like color green with no pupil colored in. Besides that scientist think this is a great idea to help kids develop a better structure and also have a bigger study in this new discover on people would be great scientist believe.