LCISD PTO President Raises $18,000 to Pay Off Student Lunch Debts


Amina Ishaq and other members holding their check to wipe LCISD lunch debt

By Abbey McGee, Staff Writer

Amina Ishaq has always been passionate about ending hunger, and she has taken a big step with her most recent goal: pay off all student lunch debts within LCISD schools.

According to her gofundme page, “As of March 8, 2017, the Lamar CISD lunch debt for children who are at risk of losing a hot meal and have a debt over $10.00 is $15,519.88.” Ishaq started the page in order to not only raise awareness over the problems involved in the school lunch system, but also to provide a solution for the problem.

Initially, Ishaq’s goal was $15,500, enough to pay off most of the LCISD student lunch debt. In the past two months, she has overachieved her initial goal, raising well over $18,000. As of May 18th, Ishaq continues to raise the bar, expanding her goal to $25,000, and having raised $18,686. Ishaq explains that she wishes for students, who no longer have to worry about debt, to not only have lunch available to them, but to have hot and ready lunches as well.

“I’m raising the initial goal so that we can put the rest of the money towards kids at LCISD who are most likely in jeopardy of losing their hot meals on a regular basis,” Ishaq wrote on the gofundme page, explaining why she raised her initial goal. “The food service department knows of these children and their struggles. They will put the money in their accounts so that they can eat for the rest of the year and hopefully go into next year. A surplus for these kids will allow them to eat a hot meal for an extended time.”