Coldplay: Houston #1

A new song for Texans affected by Hurricane Harvey

By Alexis Grimaldo, Staff Writer

Coldplay is a Grammy award winning band that formed in the 1990s and is still blowing up the billboards with their  hits and collaborations. They have produced beautiful songs such as Paradise, Viva La Vida, A Sky Full of Stars, Hymn For The Weekend, and many more.

Many were brought to tears and could not have been happier to hear genuine love and support

During their 2017 tour, disaster struck as Hurricane Harvey headed straight for Texas the weekend their performance was to be in Houston, Texas. The leading man of Coldplay, Chris Martin, planned and hoped to stick it out and perform Friday, August 25 not wanting to disappoint his fans, however, after watching the news closely and realizing how big this storm was going to be they decided to cancel the show much to everyone, including themselves, disappointment.

“We are so grateful for all the people that come to our shows, and cancelling shows is not something we like to do, but in this instance we kind of had to… Sometimes you might think that as a popular band or whatever we don’t give a shit about where we are but we really do because we understand that we wouldn’t be here without you guys and girls… We thought well since we’re in Miami and uh since we’ve got a couple days to spare, lets write a song for Houston, and we’ll sing it to you tonight and we’ll send it over there in all the spirits of joy and friendship and hopefulness,” Martin said at his concert in Miami.

Texans were shocked to hear that Coldplay wrote this song for them and were extremely grateful for this tribute. Many were brought to tears and could not have been happier to hear genuine love and support that cut through the negativity shared through social media towards Texas.

“Being cooped up in my house and waiting for the rain to stop and the floods to stop and hearing nothing but sad stories, I’m glad I got to watch this. You’re music takes ME to outer space!” Catherine Reade said in a post on Twitter.

With all of the panic Harvey Hurricane washed over everyone, Coldplay’s tribute to Texas was like the shining rainbow after a storm bringing light to a dark and horrid situation. Coldplay’s country song was a reminder to everyone who lives in Texas of who they are and why they love this state so much.

“Thank you so much for the dedication of song in these moments where our city is hurting, music is a way to calm us and unite us, thank you for always finding a way through music to bring peace to every heart that is still to listen” Ponce Dani said in a post on Twitter.

The strength in Texas is all because of the huge beating heart of its people. Texas will continue to be strong through it’s recovery and will hold the support from people like Martin very dear to their hearts.