Hurricane Harvey survivor tells her story

I interviewed my fellow employee Mya about what she went through while evacuating during Hurricane Harvey.


Tech. Sgt. Zachary Wolf

Coast Guard rescuing people through the Harvey flooding

By Hannah Escochea, Staff Writer

Hurricane Harvey was a category 5 hurricane that hit the Texas coast on Friday, August 25. No one really expected for it to be as destructive as it was. A lot of people had to evacuate because Hurricane Harvey caused severe flooding throughout cities, towns, and homes.

Hurricane Harvey caused many evacuations, one being a fellow employee at my job. ” You wouldn’t think that something like this would hit so close to home,” Mya Miller said.

Discussing the event was very emotional for her seeing that she hasn’t ever been in a situation like that. “My parents told me stories about past hurricanes and that this was the worst they’ve experienced.”

It hadn’t crossed our minds that we would have to leave our home”

One of the questions I asked was, “Did you ever expect your neighborhood to get evacuated?”

Mya Miller responded saying “It hadn’t crossed our minds that we would have to leave our home.” Hearing  Miller speak about Hurricane Harvey made me realize that most of the people in our area hadn’t expected it to be so bad.

Most people in the Houston area toughed it out and stayed home; they expected maybe a slight chance of rain and a little bit of wind, but due to the recent Memorial day flooding in the city, most people thought they where tougher than mother nature. They believed that since this flooding didn’t affect them that Hurricane Harvey would be the same. Most of the people that stayed behind got the worst of it.

Mya Miller’s family stayed behind during Hurricane Harvey. When asked  ” Did ya’ll ever prepare?” she responded with “No, we figured nothing would happen to us.”

When describing how the storm impacted her family, Mya Miller said,  “Well, the first couple of days where fine but then the roof started leaking, water started creeping in, and the emergency alert system started blurring on the T.V. . So we realized that our area was on the evacuation list. Once we realized that, we started gathering up our things and we started to clear out.”

Houston and its surrounding area continues to rebuild and repair itself,; while it does we remain Houston strong.