Addiction to Video Games


The X-Box consoles.

By Josh Manus, Staff Writer

A video game addiction can be classified as anything from spending too much time on the computer or console to talking excessively about the game or the game system. Some people say that it is not an addiction, however experts contest that anything that interferes with your goals, relationships, is an addiction. AMA or American Medical Association is considering making it an addiction like the more harsh addictions cocaine or heroin.

Teens often become addicted to video games because of stress at school or they just need to talk to someone. Some argue that teens want more control over their lives with the growing popularity of simulated city building like Sim City.  Most game designers put this in mind when they make their games so addictive that it is hard getting the player off of them to eat or sleep. Game creators compete with each other to create the most addictive games. Dice and Activision some of the largest game designers are bitter rivals and have created a massive player base. These players could be casual or extremely addicted.

Teens often become addicted to video games because of stress at school

Gaming causes the brain and eyes to be very focused for long periods of time and can cause migraines. The way you sit and the way your hands are laid out also matters as it can cause Carpel Tunnel syndrome. This syndrome causes the nerves in your wrists to squeeze and contract causing unbearable pain. Another consequence is difficulty sleeping.  When you constantly think about a certain game you really like, it almost is instinctual to go and play it, therefore compromising your sleep. Playing for extended times preoccupies your mind and you don’t think of food or drinking. This also causes neglect to animals and your family members.

Continuously talking about the specific game, lying about how much time you spend on the game, and loss of the sense of time and time management are only some of the signs of a gaming addiction. Mishandling of funds is one of the more major things that can also happen. If the game is so addictive, you may be tempted to get a head-start by using the money your parents gave you or money from your paycheck.

There are various treatment centers around the world to treat various types of addictions, and it may be hard to find a center specifically for video game addictions. One way you can help yourself is to gradually lower the time limit of your game.

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