Howdie Chimaeze Eze!


Jayson Green

Chimaeze Eze

Chimaze Eze likes playing football with his friends in his free time. Chimaze is a junior on the varsity football playing as wide receiver.

Wrangler: How long have you played football for?

Eze: Since I was in the 7th grade

Wrangler: Why did you start playing football?

Eze: I  seen all my friends play and that’s what I wanted to do

Wrangler: who inspired you to play football?

Eze: Randy Moss

Wrangler: How long do you practice for football?

Eze: Football for me is a year around season #NoDaysoff #AlwaysGettingBetter

Wrangler: Will you play football in the NFL?

Eze: Not really what I want to do

Wrangler: Will you play football in college?

Eze: That’s the goal #D1Bound

Wrangler: What position do you play and how long have you been playing it for?

Eze: I play Wide Receiver and I have been playing it since the beginning of 2017

Wrangler: Who is your favorite player in the NFL and why?

Eze: Chad Johnson and its because he had a never lose attitude

Wrangler: What do you find the hardest when playing football?

Eze: The hardest thing about football is losing.