The Stros in Hollywood


Tom Flaherty

A championship banner hanging in Minute Maid park

By Reid Pitts, Staff Writer, Staff Photographer

As of October 1, the Houston Astros advanced to the playoffs. They finished the regular season with a 101-61 season coasting in.

Having the hottest batting in both the American league and the entire MLB, there was no doubt that the Astros would stand their ground in the playoffs, but just how far would they go?

The Astros first playoff opponents were the Boston Red Sox, who they beat out in a stunning 3-1 game series win. The game scores were 8-2 Astros, 8-2 Astros, 3-10 Sox, and 5-4 ‘Stros.

Following their ALDS victory over the Red Sox, the Astros then beat out the Yankees for the ALCS title in a nail-biting 7 game series to advance into the World Series.

Box Scores: Game 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 , 6, 7

Since the Astros joined the American League in 2013, they are the first team in MLB history to appear in a world series as both a National and an American League team.

‘Stros fans everywhere are hoping for a World Series ring for Houston to wash the bad ’05 taste out of their mouth. In 2005, the Astros appeared in their first World Series, but were swept in four games by the Chicago White Sox. Many of the losses being within one run, the Astros are fired up after 12 years for their chance to win the highest glory yet again.

The Los Angeles Dodgers will be the Astros opponent in this years World Series. The Dodgers finished the regular season with a 104-58 record and have only lost one game on their way to the World Series, and that was just by one run. This playoff power is a definite challenge for the Astros.

So who will win the World Series?

Maybe the Dodgers show that baseball belongs to Hollywood.

Maybe these Houston boys make the Dodgers bleed orange.

It’s all up in the air now.