The Problem in Hollywood

Sexual assault is often ignored in Hollywood, but now allegations against Harvey Weinstein, popular film producer, have brought the issue to light

By Kensly Landry, Staff Writer

Harvey Weinstein is a well known name in the film industry. Weinstein is known as a large film producer and co-founder of Miramax, which has produced many popular films. Weinstein has been in the news cycle recently for several alleged sexual assault allegations against him from actresses as well as other women he has worked with.

These accusations are nothing new to Weinstein, having surrounded him after years of speculation. New reports of his alleged deviant behavior have recently come to life, due to an article posted by The New York Times. These allegations start all the way back in the 80’s, and despite being accused by multiple woman over the years, Weinstein has upheld his reputation and kept his job as a popular film producer.

Hollywood has proven it has no problem in supporting sexual predators.”

— Kensly Landry

Many celebrities are afraid to speak out against movie giants like Harvey Weinstein, because his power in the industry could lead to them being blacklisted. Others are afraid to speak out because they have also faced similar accusations, and it would be hypocritical of them to talk about anyone else.

Ben Affleck condemned Harvey Weinstein on Twitter on October 10th, stating that he was is “saddened and angry” by the news of Weinstein’s sexual assault accusations. Affleck was shocked and said he felt sick knowing that a man he has worked with could be capable of doing such heinous things to the alleged victims.

However, once Ben Affleck called out Weinstein, Twitter users quickly called him out on his own sexual assault allegations. He had assaulted actress Hilarie Burton back in the early 2000’s, grabbing her left breast on television. Affleck has since gone on to apologize on Twitter for groping Burton and acting inappropriately.

While Ben Affleck chose to speak on the topic of Weinstein’s sexual assault allegations, he never spoke out when his brother, Casey Affleck, had allegedly assault multiple women. In 2010, two women filed sexual harassment suits against Casey Affleck. Each case was settled in court, and the official statements from Magdalena Gorka and Amanda White┬áhave both been released online. Despite these horrific accusations against Casey Affleck, he went on to win a Golden Globe and an Oscar, thus proving that Hollywood has no problem in supporting sexual predators.

Rose McGowan was among several actresses who went online, condemning men like Ben Affleck and Harvey Weinstein. She even went as far as calling out actor Matt Damon, who has worked with Weinstein in the past, for staying silent during the whole scandal. Several other actors and actresses have also called out Weinstein’s inappropriate behavior. Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Emily Ratajkowski, and other activists have taken to Twitter to publicly discuss the issue.

Terry Crews also took to Twitter to share his own experience with sexual assault, showing that it happens to men just as it does to women in the industry. His fear that the high profile man who assaulted him would have him blacklisted kept him quiet about the assault until now.

Sexual assault has been an ongoing problem in Hollywood and the film industry for several years. Popular movies have been directed or produced by convicted sex offenders. Sex offenders have even worked on popular children’s networks such as Disney channel, often working directly with the children.

It is often ‘taboo’ to talk about these topics because people try to forget the situation and ignore the problem, but now people are speaking up. Many popular actresses and models have now come forward to talk about their experiences with Harvey Weinstein. From the likes of Angelina Jolie to Gwyneth Paltrow to Rose McGowan, several actresses have accused him of inappropriate behavior. The full list of these allegations can be found here.