Must-see Movies on Netflix

Get new movies for the days when you have absolutely nothing to do.

By Daniela Hernandez, Staff Writer

Netflix is filled with amazing movies. If you like thriller, mystery, horror, or fantasy movies check out the movies listed below.

  1. Hush (Horror) – An intruder chooses his next victim, a deaf woman alone in the woods. Will she fight or will she die?
  2. Zodiac (Thriller) – As the famous serial killer, Zodiac, taunts the authorities with cryptic messages, reporters and investigators become obsessed trying to figure out his identity.
  3. What Happened to Monday? (Mystery) – The government only allows one child per family and a family of septuplets needs to hide themselves as one of their own disappears.
  4. 1922 (Mystery) – A rancher kills his wife for the money, and his son is in on it.
  5. You Get Me (Thriller) – A group of teenagers becomes friends with the new girl. As they hang out with her, they notice weird traits about her. One day, she truly shows herself to one of the boys. The new girl is obsessive.
  6. Safe Haven (Thriller/Drama) – A woman moves to a town and maintains a low-profile, but she soon falls in love with a guy, a good guy. She begins to learn what love and trust actually are, until one day, when a guy comes to town asking way too many questions about her.
  7. 13 Cameras (Drama/Horror) – A vicious landlord spies on his tenants and a couple moves in unknowing of the fact.
  8. Corpse Bride (Fantasy/Action) – Victor is in an arranged marriage that he’s nervous about, and while practicing his lines, he unknowingly asks a corpse to be his bride.
  9. Blue is the Warmest Color (Explicit/Drama) – Meeting a woman in a lesbian bar turned into something deeply emotional and sexual.