Playground Training Ground



By Maria Divina Canalita, Staff Writer

Only a few minutes are left before the class will go to recess, you could already see the excitement in the young students’ eyes as they watch the clock ticking and finally the bell rang and abundant preschoolers are running around going to a specific place. Do you remember some scenario like this at some point in your life? In this specific place, children have a unique world of their own.

A world that allows them to play and to explore creatively. Their world is so important to them and sometimes use all means including crying to get whatever they want. But then as time goes by, exploring would make them realize a lot of things by themselves.

The playground is a place with a specific design to allow children to play there, but it is more than just playing. Being surrounded by those slides that will teach you to enjoy the ride even when you are falling, the seesaw that will show you always need a companion and the monkey bars that remind you to be strong on your way forward.

Many of these items help children develop physical coordination, flexibility, and strength, as well as providing recreation and enjoyment. It is more than just a play place filled with equipment It is something important that keeps children happy while still developing their learning abilities.

Children are taught what they should think, not how to think. That is why we should encourage them to use their creativity since childhood is the most important period in human development. Specialists describe it as a critical period in life, the social skills that children develop on the playground create a great personality to an individual. Through many years, the playground has been a comfortable place for people to visit. Do you still remember those childhood memories of yours? Or maybe you are still living in it?

Whatever your situation, maybe the playground is very special to you, a memorable place for the wholesome development of lifelong skill sets that are carried forward into your adulthood.

Take yourself back to your preschool days. What was your childhood like? Do you see reflections of your childhood when you pass by the community playground?