Fears in Florida

Who’s this serial killer going around Florida? No one knows yet, but when will they find him?


Florida serial killer.

By Hannah Escochea, Staff Writer

There’s a Serial Killer killing innocent people in a neighborhood called Seminole Heights around downtown Tampa, Florida. So far the news and Law Enforcement has said that the male committing these acts has no motive whatsoever, he’s just killing for the thrill of it.  

“Mystery Man”, I will call him, has killed 3 people so far. Will he kill again is the question haunting people in the area. Who will it be? Why will he do it? These questions are going through every single resident’s minds who are living in that neighborhood at this moment. The first victim of these gruesome acts by “Mystery Man’s” was Benjamin Mitchell, 22 years old, who died on Oct 9, 2017 by the bus stop where he was always waiting to catch a ride. The second victim Monica Hoff, 32 years old, died two days after Mitchell on Oct 11, 2017, in a vacant parking lot. His third victim and hopefully his last was Anthony Naiboa,  20 years old, who died at a bus stop also, but it was a completely different one. He died on Oct 19, 2017. These victims all died from gunshot wounds. The neighborhood Seminole Heights, where these acts are taking place, is filled with so much fear and anxiety they have officers patrolling the area around the clock 24/7.  

The police won’t stop looking until they find the “Mystery Man”! There have been videos roaming the news, internet, websites, blogs, etc… of this “Mystery Man” walking or running in the streets seconds before he kills a victim or seconds after making the disgusting act. The deaths of these innocent humans are still unsolved. All Law Enforcement agencies ranging from FBI, Bureau of Alcohol and Tabacco, and local Law Enforcement agencies are helping around the clock trying to find this unknown serial killer. Until then this “Mystery Man” is free while we’re just sitting around going through our normal life.