Headed Straight to the Top, George Ranch Makes It to the Playoffs

George Ranch defeats Alief Taylor, securing them a spot in the playoffs

By Kensly Landry, Staff Writer

The night is cold, and a sense of dread hangs in the air. The stadium is filled with spectators, wrapped up in blankets, waiting for the game to start. The bright lights shine upon the players as the game begins. This is the battle for a spot in the playoffs. The winner lives to play another game.

The energy is high, despite the cool weather. The Ranch Rowdies hype up the football players as they score one touch-down after another. By the end of the second-quarter, George Ranch is winning, 20-7. Hopes are high as George Ranch remains ahead of Alief.

The cheerleaders hype up the crowd and cheer on the team. As the end of the fourth quarter draws near, victory is in sight for the Longhorns. The final buzzer blows, and George Ranch has won, making it to the playoffs once again!