Live food that some people enjoy eating

Would you ever considered eating one of these live foods??

Food thats alive that some people enjoy eating.

Food that’s alive that some people enjoy eating.

By Hannah Escochea, Staff Writer

Around the world many people eat all kinds of food whether its cooked, raw or alive. Some eat it as part of their culture, while others see it as a delicacy or just food that they enjoy to eat.

One form of live food is  Sannakji.  Sannakji is a type of food served in Korea that the people like eating. It’s a small piece from an octopus, The tentacles are cut off the octopus right before they bring it out to the customer, and is usually seasoned with sesame seeds/oil. A lot of people like to eat it whole also. The tentacles can also get stuck in the person’s throat who is eating it because of the little suction cups on the tentacles and when people chew the tentacles they can feel it move around because it’s still alive so it just wiggles in their mouth.

Another dish served live is Noma salad. Noma salad is a dish where they have lettuce and ants. The ants are set to chill so they move somewhat slowly and not as fast as usual ants. This dish is really popular in other places like Copenhagen. This meal is usually expensive, with some places selling it for 200 dollars or more.

Last but not least another meal that’s served live is Casu Marzu This meal is cheese made from sheep’s milk and the grossest thing ever to be eating alive… MAGGOTS! A lot of people like this cringing meal for some reason; it’s mainly because the cheese is left out to be decomposed and the way the maggots come is by larvae appearing while the cheese is decomposing and then maggots form. When the maggots form and come alive they eat little pieces of the cheese also which makes the cheese softer.

Those are some foods that people around the world like to eat alive. Would you ever step out of your comfort zone and try one of these foods???