7 Things That Will Always Bring Back Memories

Be prepared to be invaded with childhood nostalgia!


By Emily Hawkins, Staff Writer

Childhood was a simpler time. We had no stress, no problems, no worries. But let’s not forget the dozens of other factors that made our youth so memorable! Let’s jump back and see what makes people so nostalgic!

  1. Pop Songs- when our jam from the late 90’s or early 2000’s comes on the local radio station, the waves of reminiscence are immense. Whether it’s our ol’ girl Britney Spears, or the Spice Girls, nothing takes you back to those joyous times like a great retro melody.
  2. Scents- nothing takes you back like the smell of Grandma’s cooking, or that candle your childhood best friend always had burning. Even visiting your old elementary school, that familiar smell will still be there and feel strangely welcoming.
  3. Favorite Toys- cleaning out your closet can always lead to some surprises. Discovering your favorite Barbie doll or beloved toy truck will just make you want to run outside and play the whole day away.
  4. Tastes- back on the topic of grandma’s cooking, let’s talk about how every taste of her oatmeal raisin cookies or infamous gumbo always brings you back to your weekly Sunday visits with family.
  5. Theme Songs- old theme songs are the best, no doubt about it. They always remind us of the excitement we would feel when watching our favorite programs.
  6.  Fashions- remember the rush we would get if your mom said you could pick out 3 things from Justice? There was nothing like going with your BFF to pick out matching PJ’s that had clever puns plastered across the chest.
  7. Movies- Disney, Pixar, Looney Tunes, and so much more. There was nothing like holding your dad’s hand while waiting in line to see the new Incredibles or a new Disney Princess movie.