Ugly Sweaters: Then and Now

We all love ugly sweaters as a joke around the holidays right?



The normal relative at your Christmas party.

By Kyler Telge, Staff Writer

Ugly sweaters have become somewhat of a staple at Christmas parties, (at least in my house) and over the years the barrier between ugly and nice looking has either faded away or people just don’t care enough anymore.

What happened to the pride people felt in their striped sweater that no one wanted to see come out of the closet? We need more people participating in this rich, and quite frankly hilarious, tradition. While there are certain rabble-rousers who would like to see the market crash and people who make these sweaters lose their jobs I know that this isn’t the case everywhere.

I think they are stupid. I really do.”

— Katlynn McKenzie

While looking for Christmas spirit, I found someone who understood the significance of sweaters.

Christmas isn’t Christmas without ugly Christmas sweaters.”

— Bailey Holton

Back in the old days, the market for ugly Christmas sweaters was on the DL if you know what I mean. Nothing close to today’s market, where diversity is the name of the game and anyone can get into the underground world of sweater dealing. Back in the day, you had to know a grandma willing to hook you up with a sweater whether you wanted it or not. Perhaps it was a convoluted way of getting a sweater but grandchildren gotta grind ya know? Can’t afford to be investing in the most swaggerific sweaters in existence.

Nowadays we have so many options to choose from for our terribly terrific testaments to the holiday season ranging from reserved and traditional to the just plain vulgar. Unlike sweaters of old these new creations, these jolly abominations try way to hard to be ugly. It shouldn’t be too hard to tell the difference between fashion of old and new travesties thanks to the patterns and Christmas themed decoration.

I know that recently we celebrated this amazingly fun tradition, but I believe it shouldn’t stop there. Every day at least 5% of the student body should be wearing sweaters of horrid taste. A rather large request but I know that it can be done!