Face Art

Face art means more than what people think.



By Daniela Hernandez, Staff Writer

Tattoos began way back when a doctor decided to tattoo mummies in Ancient Egypt. Tribes would also do them to represent their religious and tribal beliefs.

Roman soldiers practiced it until Christians decided that tattoos “disfigured … God’s image.”

Back then a sharp point set in a wooden handle or several needles tied together was used. Now tattoos are created with a tattoo gun.

Tattoos have changed a lot throughout the years.  Australians were the ones who made it popular. There are certain places in Australia where they tattoo their heads to represent where they came from. Now head tattoos are being used to represent bikie gangs.

Many places will refuse to tattoo from your head to your neck because it’s a “job stopper”.

Tattoo artists believe, “You’ve got to be a tattoo artist yourself or already have a sleeve. You’ve got to earn it. [You also have to] be prepared to be rejected in job interviews, thrown out of hotels, refused entry to clubs, get asked for drugs and stopped by police for a body search.”

Artists say that there are people who come in to get a face tattoo because they see a famous rapper with them, or just because they want to look tough in front of their friends. The only way tattoo artists will tattoo your face is if you’re already covered in them.

Tony “The Face” Cronin has been tattooing himself since he was 11 years old. He has now covered his body completely.

Cronin says, “there’s a Maori tradition – and I firmly believe in it – that every time you get tattooed, anywhere but especially the face, you walk out and start again,” He likes to think of tattoos as a spiritual experience.

Billy Gibby, aka “BillyTheBillboard” has a website where he sells parts of his skin for advertisement. He will tattoo the buyer’s logos. He says he wants to “become the most tattoo advertised on person in the world.”

When you get a tattoo, you become branded for life.”