Howdie Ainsley McGee!

Ainsley McGee is a delightful and excited freshman in JV theatre and varsity color guard. 


By Abbey McGee, Staff Writer

The Wrangler: How has the transition from junior high to high school been?

McGee: Exhausting. We do a lot more work in high school than we did in junior high, most definitely. I’m not saying we didn’t work in junior high, because we did! It just hits us a lot harder in high school.

The Wrangler: Considering the level of difficulty you mentioned, does that mean you are doing any PAP or AP classes?

McGee: Yup, all PAP academic classes, Biology I, English I, World Geography, and Algebra I. And I’m also in advanced theatre, or JV theatre, and color guard.

The Wrangler: What is it like balancing theatre, color guard, and PAP classes?

McGee: You get used to it. It all depends on the schedules and how they all intervene, like color guard and theatre. I was in both the musical and marching band and that was a hoot, with the rehearsals and everything like that. But it all got sorted out, so the only other difficult thing I had to add on top of that was homework.

The Wrangler: So, did theatre events and color guard events ever interlock with each other?

McGee: Occasionally, sometimes, but it was never really a problem.

The Wrangler: Did you ever have to pick a priority? Theatre, or color guard, or academics?

McGee: Not yet. Maybe sometime, but not yet.

The Wrangler: You were also in the Godspell production, the only freshman in the cast. How did you feel during each of the performances? 

McGee: Well it had been awhile since I had been in an actual production, and there’s definitely a difference between junior high and high school productions. I was much happier doing Godspell than I have been in any other production I’ve been in. The cast was all really nice, and so was the crew, and I feel like I made better friends along the way, and I feel like I’ve gotten to know my theatre teacher a lot more.

The Wrangler: In regards to color guard, you are in varsity this year and also doing winter guard. What’s the theme for the performance this year?

McGee: It’s a circus coming to life. It’s about these two girls and their father, and their father being a custodian at this whole circus thing. And unexpectedly, these two girls’ imagination just come to life, and their dad all of a sudden becomes the ringmaster, and all these kind of circus acts come to life.

The Wrangler: What’re the people like in theatre and color guard?

McGee: I love the people in both color guard and theatre!

The Wrangler: About general school life, the longhorn lunch is something new for all of us, but it’s probably different from a freshman’s perspective. How is the longhorn lunch different than what the junior high does and how do you feel about it?

McGee: Man I love what they’re doing with longhorn lunch. I’m so used to sitting in a cafeteria, at a certain table, certain time, certain place, all that, and then we have barely any time to eat, and then having to wait for a later lunch period. So I’m glad they have it sorted out to where we have an hour every day to eat and hang out with all of our friends.

The Wrangler: How did you enjoy your first year marching alongside the band?

McGee: Oh my gosh, it was fun! It was fun during the summer just getting out and doing something for once instead of sitting up in my room, looking at my phone all day. And I met a lot of new people, and I realized how great a lot of the band kids are. Like, normally when you join an extracurricular, it’s all these people in their own separate groups, but they’re all in the same extracurricular. In the band, it’s kind of all, “one band, one family,” as they say.

The Wrangler: How was the Texas Thespian Convention?

McGee: I loved it! This was the first year that LJ brought freshman along, and we had to set a grand example for him so he could continue bringing freshman because he didn’t want any issues with any of the people competing and stuff like that. I went to go and see a bunch of the performances and everything like that, and I’m competing next year for Thespians, so that’s going to be cool. It was really, really fun and I can’t wait to go back next year.

The Wrangler: What about outside of school and extracurricular activities?

McGee: I sleep. I sleep, do homework, draw, eat. My life isn’t very impressive outside of extracurriculars.

The Wrangler: Last question, do you have a plan after high school?

McGee: I want to do something in the fine arts, acting field. Hopefully go to a decent college, and hopefully be in the same college as my best friend.

The Wrangler: Would you like to add anything else?

McGee: I love you guys!