The Next Gen

As almost every member of the millennial generation has reached adulthood, it’s time to meet the next generation, Generation Z

By Kensly Landry, Staff Writer

There always seems to be a sort of confusion when we talk about different generations of people. Many are not sure as to where the Millennial generation ends and the Generation Z begins. Some argue that anyone born after December 31st, 2000, belong to the Millennial generation. Others argue that the Millennial generation ended sometime in the mid 90’s.

While there is no set standpoint of where a generation begins and ends, it is clear to see that teenagers and pre-teens are the Generation Z. Now, what makes this generation stand out from the previous ones? Perhaps it’s the fact that today’s society is solely internet based, giving kids more access to technology at a younger age.

Some may argue that all this technology can be a bad thing, exposing children to too much too soon. While the internet does have some cons, the pros ultimately outweigh them. Generation Z is the most technologically advanced generation of them all. The kids of this generation have grown up with iPhones, MacBooks, extensive social media, and several other types of technology.

Generation Z has always been accustomed to having this advanced technology, allowing them to have access to information in a matter of minutes. This is the main difference between this generation and the previous ones. Generation Z has a voice and has unlimited access to any information they want. Technology has shaped the way this generation thinks and how they view the world.

While the Millennial generation gets a lot of hate for being different than past generations, Generation Z is referred to as the ‘millennial generation on steroids’. These two generations are a part of the new world, one that older generations are reluctant to accept.

Because this new generation constantly has access to everything, the new generation has a voice and opinion on everything that happens. They are possibly the generation that will change the way this country and this world works, because of the fact that they have been exposed to so much information while so young.

Generation Z has grown up seeing young black boys killed; they have grown accustomed to seeing mass school shootings. They have seen the first black man become president of the United States, and they have seen a  president behave in ways not seen before. Generation Z has seen it all, and they are the future.