Howdie Melissa Arb!

Melissa Arb is a senior who has a passion for drawing. She has been drawing since she was eight years old.


Melissa Arb

By Hannah Escochea, Staff Writer

The Wrangler: When you were 8 years old what made you want to start drawing?  

Arb:  Nothing really hit me, I just picked up a pencil one day and it later became a hobby that I enjoyed in my free time. 

The Wrangler: Did anybody teach you how to draw? 

Arb: One day I was drawing in my grandpa’s room and he came up and taught me how to draw on a grid which taught me how to portion my artwork, later on, he taught me the basics of drawing. 

The Wrangler: What kind of art do you draw?  

Arb: I draw realistic pieces of artwork, one of my specialties is a form of artwork called ‘zentangle’ which is basically a bunch of tiny details and lines put together to make up a picture.  

The Wrangler: What’s the artistic definition of a medium? 

Arb: A medium is the material you use to create the artwork. For instance, markers, colored pencils, spray paint, etc…  

The Wrangler: What kind of mediums do you use? 

Arb: I use pretty much every medium: I use markers, ink pens, spray paint, color pencil, graphite, and all kinds of paint. I’m also still learning from others.  

The Wrangler: What’s your favorite medium of art? 

Arb: The best medium I work with is ink pens because it shows a lot more detail, but I recently started using Prisma markers and I really enjoy using them.  

The Wrangler: Did you ever think being artistically talented would open so many doors for you? 

Arb: To a certain extent a little bit, but I didn’t think I would be that good to sell my artwork for major amounts of money. Now that I know how well I am I know that there are a lot more opportunities for me in the future than others have in art.  

The Wrangler: Does being talented in art run in your family? 

Arb:  Yes, my grandpa drew a lot when he was younger but he wasn’t able to when he was older because arthritis took over his hands and my dad also draws very well.  

The Wrangler: Have you ever designed tattoos for people? 

Arb: Yes quite a few people – many of my friends and family. I haven’t made it into a business yet because I actually want to put tattoos on people instead of just designing them.  

The Wrangler: How many people have gotten your tattoo design on them?  

Arb:  One of my friends have gotten two by me, my best friend recently got one, and my uncle, but all in total it is around 10 people. 

The Wrangler: Who’s your favorite artist? 

Arb: My favorite artist is a guy I follow-on Instagram. I’ve been following him for 2 years. His Instagram is called @theartofyost. He lives in Miami and he uses spray paint to paint major icons like major musicians, athlete’s, etc…  

The Wrangler: Are you considering going to an art school? 

Arb: I have considered going to an art school, but there’s also a university that will allow me to do  PHD in art so it’ll be better for me to go there than an actual art school. 

The Wrangler: What art school are you interested in and why?  

Arb: The art school I was interested in was the Art Institute of Houston, but I’m also really interested in the University of North Texas, which isn’t considered an art school but it has a really good art program.