XFL 2020

The return of the controversial league.


The old XFL logo

By Reid Pitts, Staff Writer, Staff Photographer

Many moons ago, WWF owner Vince Mahone created a controversial American football league, set to compete with the NFL. This league was christened “The XFL.” The XFL was formed in 1999 and only lasted one season, ceasing operations in 2001 due to poor planning overall.

The XFL had a lot of new features that many fans found exciting, such as nicknames on jerseys, no PAT’s and the “Open Scramble” where two players would charge head on towards a football to obtain possession. The XFL looked to steal fans, per say, from the NFL and didn’t have very much success the first time around, but you know what they say, if at first you don’t succeed- try again. Vince Mahone had that very thought. Most likely noticing the decline in NFL viewership over the past couple of seasons, Mahone decided to revamp his failed league and set a date for 2020.

The XFL is already stirring up a fuss by banning national anthem protests by players. According to wwww.nj.com, Eagles wide receiver Torrey Smith said “That’s their league’s rule. If they’re going with that mentality to try and protect themselves from what the NFL had to deal with, I guess that’s their prerogative.”

The XFL, once again, promises to directly compete with the NFL, even planning to locate teams in the same city as current NFL teams. A very bold decision. Until 2020 XFL. Good luck?