Winter is Here to Stay

The animal said so and therefore it is law.



Groundhog Day history

By Kyler Telge, Staff Writer

Everyone’s favorite holiday that we all definitely care about is here. Groundhog Day: Using an animal that typically resembles a hog or at least resembles one more so than to the ground to predict the upcoming season… Brilliant!

A tradition dating back to the late 1800s in Punxsutawney, Philadelphia, the cuddly little furball came to be appreciated by hunters and businessmen alike when Clymer Freas, a newspaper editor, marketed the idea to them and they ran with it.

While it doesn’t seem like the most accurate predictor compared to a meteorologist nowadays, it is fun to think an animal can determine the state of the weather. Common sense may hint at Punxsutawney Phil getting it right, as he lives in the wilderness and may know more than the average person, but he doesn’t have a magic globe or anything.
According to this year whether it turns out to be true or not we have 6 more weeks of winter.