Oh What a Night

Never have I ever been a bandwagoner.



The Super Bowl took place in the US Bank Stadium.

By Kyler Telge, Staff Writer

Breaking all sorts of records during it the Philadelphia Eagles have triumphed over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII. Considered underdogs and runner-ups by many this game was definitely an upset and surely caused the loss of bets and sanity alike.

While there were funny, sad, and just plain bad commercials to watch in between the action-packed quarters we all know that the halftime show was crazy right? Love him or hate him Ol’ Timby, otherwise known as Justin Timberlake, knows how to put on a show. Singing many of his classics and paying homage to the legendary artist Prince, he deserves praise for a wonderful performance.

Philadelphia and New England produced the most combined total yards in a game in NFL history with an astounding feat of 1,151 yards. Tom Brady, quarterback for the Patriots destroyed his old record of 446 yards passing with a total this year of 505 yards. He has become the first quarterback to break 10,000 postseason passing yards. All of New England’s 33 points were significant because it scored them a new record of most points in a loss in Super Bowl history.

To see highlights of the game go to https://youtu.be/qW1xbhW2PEE