America vs. China? The Fast and the Furious Data Market



Telecommunications Company Huawei’s Logo.

By Kyler Telge, Staff Writer

You may have heard about the famous G’s of our wireless connections: 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, and now 5G. Moving faster and evolving all the time our wireless networks have much shorter generations than we do (thank goodness).

Our current generation of wireless speed and connectivity is 4G and a branch (while not truly connected to the trunk) is LTE. Providing speeds remarkably faster than 3G speeds to most consumers nowadays Mobile carriers have fully engrossed themselves in this current environment of money wallowing.

While some companies like Huawei, a multinational telecommunications corporation, are looking to move towards 5G and are already patenting products and licenses around it that will improve our quality of life some oppose this because of past suspicions like possible backdoors and potential risks to national security.

The Cfius letter estimated that Huawei owned 10 percent of the patents essential for 5G networks. A Huawei spokesman said it had been working on 5G since 2009, having spent $600 million on related research already and committing $800 million more in 2018 alone. ”

— Don Clark at the New York Times

With such heavy investment there is bound to be some success should the government allow their business. Personally, I would like to see cooperation and moves towards advancing technology for the betterment of us all but I can see how these companies may need to be excluded from business involved with the good ol’ USA.