Pixar’s Expanded Universe

What if all the beloved Disney/Pixar movies are connected and happen in the same universe?



Pixar Animation Studios, where the animators create the famous movies.

By Jaclyn Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Pixar movies are fan-favorites for any age, and it’s no secret they like to put Easter eggs in their films. However one fan, Jon Negroni, pieced together all the Pixar Easter eggs to create a theory that suggests all the films occur in the same universe.

The main movies discussed in this theory are the Toy Story films, Monsters Inc., Cars, Wall-E, A Bug’s Life, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, and Brave. If you want to check out the full theory you can go to Jon Negroni’s page or the official Pixar Theory website, however, this is only a summary of the main plot points.

it is incredible to think of all the Pixar movies seen as children that may have deeper, more complex, and overlapping theme.

It starts off with Brave in the 10th century and is the first film that provides a source of the magic, the wisp, used to bring individual thoughts to animals and inanimate objects. It is also credited for providing superpowers to The Incredibles.

Fast forward to the 1950s-1960s, when the Incredibles takes place, and find that superheroes are retiring and trying to live civilian lives. However, Buddy a.k.a Syndrome, jealous of superhuman powers, develops a machine to wipe out superheroes. Although he failed, Buddy’s machine does show the first signs of artificial intelligence in machines. This theory suggests that A.I. began fueling itself with human power, seen throughout Wall-E, after it fails to wipe out the superheroes. Furthermore, this theory suggests that the “Zero Point Energy” the machine uses gets absorbed into the toys. Thus moving to Toy Story in the timeline.

Now that the toys are sentient due to Buddy’s machine, they learn that human love is another source of energy which they live on. However due to Woody’s encounter with Sid, the mean kid next door, the toys begin to see what happens when they are deprived of humans, and during the next two Toy Story films resentment towards humans begins to grow (seen through Jessie in Toy Story 2 and Lotso in Toy Story 3).During this time, animals become sentient as well, this is seen in Finding Nemo and Ratatouille. In these movies, we also see that the humans are polluting the earth, creating animals to resent humans as well.

By the events of Wall-E, the corporation Buy N Large, seen throughout multiple Pixar movies, has taken over the world, including governments. It is speculated that a possible war broke out between the animals/objects and the humans. The machines rose up to protect the human race. Machines/humans won the war but it caused massive pollution throughout Earth, so the machines put the humans on a ship which required them to rely on machines for everything. In the aftermath of the war, cars rise up and take the place of humans for the next few years, until they die out and cause more pollution in the earth. This is when BnL sends Wall-E to Earth to find any source of life that would make Earth habitable for humans again.

The Pixar theory goes on to add A Bug’s Life and Monster’s Inc. into the timeline, and even suggest that Boo from Monster’s Inc. is the witch from Brave, time-traveling desperate to find Sully again. Although it may seem far-fetched, as more movies come out they seem to find a way into the timeline, and it is incredible to think of all the Pixar movies seen as children that may have a deeper, more complex, and overlapping theme.