The Secrets Behind Fortnite’s Success

Epic Games’ Fortnite has taken the gaming industry by storm.

By Jose De La Fuente, Staff Writer

Epic Games’ Fortnite has blown-up these past few months, and is now a household name. Fortnite burst onto the gaming seen late last year, releasing on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC for free. Fortinte’s gaming icons are now some of the most engaged people on the planet, as popular twitch streamer, Ninja, surpassed both Lebron James and Cristiano Ronaldo for social media interaction for the month of April. The game itself has drawn many comparisons to other successful battle royale games like Player Unknown Battlegrounds. However, Epic Games has been effectively able to maintain the game’s popularity over the past few months, releasing new updates every week. These updates feature new weapons, game modes, and skins, and keep Fortnite players entertained and begging for more.

A fresh example of the game’s effectiveness in facilitating these new modes is the Thanos game mode, where Epic Games has partnered with Marvel to bring a whole new experience to gaming. This is the beginning of potentially a revolutionary partnership. Furthermore, this opens up the possibility of other entertainment corporations entering the gaming industry. The Thanos game mode is a solo-only mode wherein one player finds the “Infinity Gauntlet”, is transformed into Thanos, and granted the singular ability to wield that gauntlet as a weapon.

Fortnite has is revolutionizing the gaming industry and its not hard to see why. Combined with its replay value and encouragement for playing with friends, Fortnite is the current champion of the gaming world, and it seems Epic Games will hold that title into the foreseeable future.