Conspiracy Theories question what is known.

Dead Men Walking

From Elvis Presley to Paul McCartney; did any of them really die?

June 5, 2018

Conspiracy theories are intriguing because they question what is known. Some of the most incredible theories involve fans of well-renowned or infamous artists delving deep into their work to find clues that piece together a theory that is completely different from what the rest of the world believes to be true. Some of these theories include fans believing that Beatles star, Paul McCartney actually died and was replaced by a look-alike, or that the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, faked his death to escape persecution by the Italian mafia.

Some theories could be written off as far-fetched hoaxes, while others can be considered just crazy enough to be true.”

Beatlemania had taken over the American pop scene in the 1960’s, so much so that obsessed fans had analyzed details in the band’s music and photo shoots to suggests that one member, Paul McCartney had actually died back in 1966. The theory goes that McCartney died when his car skidded off the road, and the other members, not wanting to interfere with the success of The Beatles, hired a look-alike to take McCartney’s place. The theories even go to suggest that the other members of the Beatles hired someone who looked and sounded just like McCartney, but placed subtle hints in their music to suggest that the “real” McCartney had died, out of guilt. For example, when played backward, John Lennon’s “A Day in the Life” allegedly contained the phrase “Paul is dead, miss him, miss him”.

In addition to Beatles star, Paul McCartney, another famous musician, Elvis Presley, reportedly faked his death. The general thrust is that he died of a heart attack, but some fans have been adamant that they saw him alive and well.  Shortly after his death, there were reports of a man booking a ticket out of Memphis to Argentina under the same name that Presley used when booking hotels. Over the years, others would claim to have spotted him as an extra in films, such as Home Alone, and around places like Graceland. Many people claim that Presley was helping the FBI take down the mafia, and faked his death to get the mafia off his trail. However, another theory suggests that Presley faked his death to escape unwanted fame and retire, but whatever the case he will always remain the King of Rock and Roll.

Some theories could be written off as far-fetched hoaxes, while others can be considered just crazy enough to be true. The difference is in how many people believe in them, and the credibility of the evidence.

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