Annabelle Chairlegs and their album “Watermelon Summer”

A small band with a big sound


Some tasty watermelon to go with your listening experience

By Reid Pitts, Staff Writer

Annabelle Chairlegs emerged with their first, and only album in 2015, “Watermelon Summer.” A psychedelic rock album, it spans 10 songs with bold vocals from their singer, Lindsey Mackin.

The album opens with a title track, named “Watermelon Summer,” and is a dreamy journey, carried by Mackin’s heavenly vocals. The track sets the psychedelic tone for the overall feel of the album.

The following track, “Pipeline” features the same wavy style, flowing with rhythmic guitar and once again, soars with Lindsey’s vocals.

“Lady in Heaven,”  brings out a beach party sound, with a faster drum beat and funky guitar chords.  “All Black in the Sun” keeps up with the beach party sound but takes a bit of a darker turn. “Axe Me If I Care” also continues with the beach party feel.

“King of the Future” slows down a bit, creating a more mellow sound. Guitar and bass playing hand in hand to dance along with Lindsey’s ever beautiful vocals.

“Hello My Love” is the only track with a different band member behind the mic. (Guitarist Matt Schweinberg)

The following two tracks, “For No One Else” and “Dear Friend” continue with the mellow sound to bring the album to a slow ride, as opposed to the psychedelic beach party we were at earlier.

The album closes with an instrumental track “Future Jelly,” which ends the album with a bang. Returning to the funkiest form of beach rock, we jam out for the final two minutes of this stupendous album.

“Watermelon Summer” proves that Annabelle Chairlegs is a band to be reckoned with. Showing listeners a funky music trip that makes you want to float away on music notes and rock out at the same time. This high quality of music leaves us with hope that Annabelle Chairlegs is planning on pleasing our ears again and again.