Fun Facts About Video Games

Find out about some of the fun facts about video games.

May 21, 2018

video games.

video games.

Many people love video games.  They are competitive and a great way to interact with family and friends. Many people don’t know the backgrounds about video games or how a video game came to be.  What follows are some facts about video games.

1. Mario was named after a landlord of Nintendo’s first warehouse Mr. Mario Segale. The original Name of Mario was called Mr. Video game but that later ended up becoming Mr. Segale’s nickname. Since Mario became such a popular character in the gaming industry he has appeared in over 120 video games. 

2. Pac-Man was invented by the designer Toru Iwatani while he was eating pizza.  

3. The video game industry is valued at 70 billion dollars worldwide. 

4. In 1990 a game called Golden Axe from SEGA was voiced entirely by prisoners on death row.  

5. The first gaming console to ever ship with an internal memory was the SEGA Saturn and it shipped with about one megabyte of memory.  

6. In the original arcade version of Donkey Kong, Mario was called Jump Man and he was a carpenter, not a plumber.  

7. The bestselling consoles of all time are the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo DS both tied with about 155 million units sold.  

8. The highest grossing game of all time is World of Warcraft with a surprising ten billion dollars over its lifetime.  

9. Atari is a Japanese word that means success. 

10. In 1983 when Mario Brothers was very popular there was a skyrocket of the name Mario given to children all around the world.  



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